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Nikon D780. Portraits in natural light summer session.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Portraits in natural light have something special. But even though natural light is often available, it is also true, it isn't favorable for certain photographs. I like working in both situations, natural light and with strobes, but I must be honest. I prefer to work with strobes or "controlled" light more than natural light. Simply because, in my opinion, it is easy to manage.

I had a lovely morning session in June this year with my good friend Diana who gives me good advice and Michela as a model.

I had to often rely on diffusers or modifiers to "adjust" the light to how I preferred it. I also had to do some modifications in post-production.

I did make a video of this event and you can find it HERE

You will see that during the session I often rely on the handheld diffuser, and in some cases, I also used the reflector to bounce the light onto the model.

Most of the session was done in the shade of trees.

Do you have any experience in this type of portraiture?

What, if any modifiers did you use?

Please, register and let us know your ideas and exchange opinions.

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