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Portraits. A beginner's experience.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I didn't imagine doing portrait photography when I started my photographic experience. My first experience was in the direction of nature and more specifically macro photography.

It was while taking photos of little critters that I realized I was taking their "portrait"! (see a little friend in this image)

Macro photography, like all photographic genres, has its challenges, light, and depth of field being some of the hardest.

I was wondering YouTube when I "bumped in" to a few clips of a photographer named Ilko Allexandroff.

His photography was amazing (check some of his work here ) So I brought some flash stands and softboxes and slowly started to practice with the help of some friends.

Many photos later I started to get the nack of it and enjoyed the genre.

One of my first satisfying sessions was with my sweet friend Viktoriya who is in this image on the left.

I practiced whenever possible and now I am working on various projects that include portraiture.

What was your first experience with portraiture and how did you develop it?

Is there any photographer that inspires you? Do you find it challenging?

Tell us about your first experience with portrait photography.

Please, register and let us know your ideas and exchange opinions.

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