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Light Tube Painting and yoga. From bedroom tests to on-field creations.

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

It is thanks to Eric Paré's many videos and posts that I have managed to grow my knowledge and skill in making light painting photos.

I started tests in my bedroom to finally work on a project together with my friends Diana and Valentina. See a video clip HERE of our first sessions.

This type of photography requires different skills and techniques: you have to build your light tubes. Create the skirts for the model. and finally set the camera for the photographs.

Here are images of my first light tube and tests in my small bedroom.

I found information on how to build the light tube directly from Eric Paré's YouTube channel.

Once I got a little confidence in handling the light tube, I took on the field with Valentina as a model and the creations of Diana.

Here is a small sample of the images we created, there are many more on my web page.

Now we are working on a project, and once all the images are made, we would like to make a small exposition hoping to get some good feedback.

I am curious; do you have any exposition experience?

Have you tried light-painting photography? What is your opinion?

If you have never tried Light Painting would you like to try it?

Please, register and let us know your ideas and exchange opinions.

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